Power failures, a fridge’s worst enemy

With the increase in load-shedding and power problems, more and more clients are experiencing issues with their fridges and cold appliances.

It is extremely common for fridges and other cold appliances to suddenly stop working if there were electrical faults or when electrical maintenance is being performed. An erratic power supply is the enemy of any appliance, especially fridges!

This should be great for us, but sadly,  we cannot attend to everyone.

What happens?

When electricity is removed and re-applied while your fridge is in a cold-cycle, it causes pressure to build up in the refrigeration system.

This pressure could strain the fridge motor (compressor) and causes it to “trip”. Safety components built in the devices can fail and should not be relied on.

This becomes a very costly experience.

What to do?

If your power trips or you’re experiencing power-outages, turn off all your cold appliances by their individual plugs.

Wait 10 minutes before turning everything on when the main power comes on. This is enough time to reduce the back-pressure and protect the fridge components, increase the fridge life-span and save you a fortune from repairs.

Another important tip

When there is a mass power-outage, it’s always a good idea to turn off all your appliances by their plugs. There could be a power spike in the electrical grid especially when thousands of other homes and businesses are suddenly drawing power. This power spike can shorten the life-span of your appliances.

Sure, there are again fail-safes, but what if they fail?

If you’re experiencing issues with your cold appliance, contact us for support.