Our Services


1. Repairs and Service Calls
Standard and emergency after-hour call-out services on all refrigeration and cold-room repairs. Standard call-outs are attended to within 2 hours within 50km radius of Vanderbijlpark only.

2. Service and Maintenance Plans
No contract, no-obligation service and maintenance plans that reduce costly repairs and improve efficiency on your cooling appliances. We include hospitality/food/public safety compliance with all our services.

3. Assessments and Auditing
We provide full risk assessments and audits on all cooling systems to minimise failure. We include a comprehensive online report listing potential component failures and record all components and parts needed.

4. Refurbishments
Full refurbishment and restoration of modern and antique refrigerators. Each asset is repaired according to manufacturer specifications and client viability.

5. Cold room installation
We design, manufacture and install cold rooms according to client specifications and applications.

6. Sales and spares
After-sales spare and part replacements for all refrigeration and cooling equipment

– Cold room strip curtains
– Door seals and gaskets
– Door runners, locks, hinges and doors
– Compressors, evaporators and condensers
– Thermostats, timers, relays and control boxes
– Cold-room shelving and hangers
– Thermometers and product test equipment

7. Support
– We maintain spot visits to check-up on equipment from time to time.
– Every effort is applied to ensure that spares are available.
– Full service and warranties as per the OEM / Supplier Terms and Conditions.
– Guarantee on all works performed excluding components not replaced.
– All service records are available online via our Client Support Page.
– For emergency call-outs, please allow a 2-hour minimum to attend.